16 ways to sleep better . . . so you can be a better caregiver

We’ve all had those sleepless nights in which we toss and turn, look at the clock and feel stressed that we aren’t going to get enough sleep. When you are caring for someone else–whether it’s a toddler, sick relative or … Continue reading

How lack of sleep can lead to osteoporosis . . . and what to do about it.

May is Osteoporosis Awareness Month, and just when we thought we didn’t need one more thing to worry about, The Endocrine Society has published a new study linking prolonged sleep disturbance with bone loss in men. The study researchers found that … Continue reading

Why hydration is crucial, especially during the pandemic

Adipsia is the fancy name for the loss of the sense of thirst. As we get older, our sense of thirst diminishes, just as our sense of smell and taste diminish. Chronic dehydration  is one of the most common problems … Continue reading

Does dementia increase a person’s risk of getting Coronavirus?

Although dementia in itself doesn’t increase one’s risk, there are other factors that might contribute to a person’s increased risk. Does the patient have any underlying conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, auto-immune disease, lung diseases including asthma and … Continue reading

Should you move a family member back home from a care facility?

According to the New York Times (April 17, 2020), about a fifth of U.S. virus deaths are linked to nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. That’s about 7,000 people. It’s an extremely difficult time for families who have a … Continue reading

Gardening as therapy for caregivers and their care partners

Clipping vegetables and watering flowers can do wonders for the soul and have a profound effect on a stressed physiology. Horticultural therapy is a health-care specialty that uses gardening to promote physical and emotional health by creating a peaceful oasis … Continue reading

Easy art projects to do with your care partner when you’re both going nuts

If you’re a caregiver taking care of someone at home, you probably feel like pulling your hair out. It’s tough, especially if you or your care partner, or both of you are experiencing anxiety or stress. Here are a few … Continue reading

Isolated and lonely? Here are 7 fun ways to connect with others.

We’re isolated in our homes, and some of us are totally alone. Loneliness versus being alone can make us feel depressed and anxious, and increase inflammation in the body. That can have a detrimental effect on the immune system, which … Continue reading

Support your lungs with deep breathing exercises

The World Health Organization says about 80% of people with COVID-19 recover without needing any special treatment. But one person in six becomes seriously ill and develops difficulty breathing. Professor John Wilson, president-elect of the Royal Australian College of Physicians … Continue reading

16 ways to help you get through the anxiety and fear of the pandemic

We’re all experiencing some level of anxiety during this crazy time. And if you’re a caregiver, you’re dealing with your own stress and the anxiety of the person you are caring for. Watch for a blog next week about calming … Continue reading