My husband had younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and I spent a decade caring for him before he died in the summer of 2010. Every day, I put the toothpaste on his toothbrush and walked him through the steps of his morning and evening hygiene routine. I reminded him repeatedly how to fill a glass with water. I coached him while he dressed, making sure he put on clean underwear and clothing appropriate for the weather. And I listened to him ask the same questions, often three times within five minutes. It was enough to fray the nerves of Mother Teresa, and I’m no saint.

But I have a strong spiritual background and an ever-evolving philosophy about life and death, which enabled me to weather the storms that arose more often than end-of-summer hurricanes. And as a professional health writer I had the advantage of researching the myriad modalities that help care partners (the term used when speaking of both patient and caregiver) travel on Alzheimer’s slippery slope.

Now that my husband has passed away, I want to help other caregivers reduce stress and maintain their health and well-being. Based on my personal experience, career as a health writer/researcher and nutrition educator, I offer information on how to maintain equanimity and your health through the use of nutritional supplements, a holistic diet, healing modalities, stress reduction techniques, and much more. Please visit my blog often, and feel free to contact me for more information: healthwriter1@gmail.com

Stay strong and be well . . . and remember that this too shall pass.

Sending you light, love, and courage,

Barbra Cohn

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  1. Your kindness and special attention in caring really came through, I use your insight in caring for my husband who is slightly disabled due to smoking – thank you for helping me and him through our daily lives. Rona


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